Clay Road and Cypresswood branch locations will be closed until further notice.
Branch Locations Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Click on a logo on the map or a branch office address for directions. Services

Main Office Divisions 201 Caroline, 3rd floor Houston (713) 274-8600
Main Office Probate 201 Caroline, 8th floor Houston (713) 274-8585
Baytown 701 W. Baker Road Baytown (281) 422-0253
Chimney Rock 6000 Chimney Rock Houston (713) 660-7902
Clay Road 16715 Clay Road Houston (281) 859-0685
Clear Lake 16603 Buccaneer Clear Lake (281) 486-7250
Cypresswood 6831 Cypresswood Dr. Spring (281) 379-1057
Humble 7900 Will Clayton Parkway Humble (281) 540-1173
N. Shepherd 7300 North Shepherd Houston (713) 697-5193
Pasadena 101 S. Richey, Suite D Pasadena (713) 274-6230
South Belt 10851 Scarsdale Houston (281) 464-0115

The following may be performed at any of our 9 Branch offices:
  • Issue Marriage License
  • File Assumed Names
  • File Release of Liens
  • File Military Discharges (DD214)
  • File death records (for deaths in Harris County Pct. 3 and LaPorte)
  • Data Search of all records filed with the County Clerk's office
  • Issue certified copies of Birth Records (for all births in the State of Texas)
  • Issue certified copies of Death Records (primarily filed in Harris County Pct. 3 and LaPorte)
  • Issue certified copies and non-certified copies of all records filed with the County Clerk's office
*Any other tasks that are not listed above must be performed at our main office. *