Personal Records: Marriage License Information
Harris County Clerk, Stan Stanart, has redesigned the Harris County Marriage License Certificate. Marriage License Front & Back The new Marriage License Certificate is designed with a popular romantic style flair of the 1800’s and is sure to capture attention and build memories.

“Matrimony is a celebrated tradition that merits a document that hallmarks the memories of one of the most important days of a couple’s life.” said Stan Stanart, Harris County Clerk, who is responsible for the new design.

In addition, the County Clerk has not forgotten those who are already married, and is pleased to make available a new document to celebrate and certify an existing marriage. The new ‘Certification of Marriage’ Certificate is styled after the new Marriage License design. “The new ‘Certification of Marriage’ Certificate not only certifies that a couple’s Marriage License is legally filed with the Clerk’s office, but makes an excellent anniversary gift suitable for framing”, said Stanart. “It also is a great way to rekindle memories or just say “I Love You!”

Marriage CertificateApproximately 30,000 Marriage Licenses are purchased in Harris County on a yearly basis. While some would think that couples prefer certain times of the year to get married, applications remain steady year-round. “The data shows that, in Harris County, every month is a wonderful time to get married, including Valentine’s Day” said Stanart.

A Marriage License Certificate is a government issued document declaring to the world that two people have been authorized by the law of the State to enter the ‘Rites of Matrimony’. Marriage licenses have been around since the Middle Ages and are often required for filing taxes, buying a home and other important life events.

Couples may apply for a Marriage License at any of the ten Harris County Clerk’s offices for a State mandated processing fee of $72.00. The new Certification of Marriage Certificate is available for $25.00. A valid form of identification is required.

Marriage Licenses and now the new ‘Certification of Marriage’ Certificates are just some of the ways that the County Clerk is known for “Recording the Major Events of Your Life.”

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