Real Property: Fee Schedule

Real Property Filing Fee:
$16.00 for the 1st page
$4.00 for each additional page


FEE SCHEDULE, SEC. 118.001  

A county clerk shall collect the following fees for services rendered to any person:

Real Property Records Filing (sec. 118.013): For First Page 5.00
  For Each Additional Page or Part of a Page on Which There Are Visible Marks of Any Kind 4.00
  For All or Part of Each 8 1/2" X 14" Attachment or Rider 4.00
  For Each Name in Excess of Five Names That Has To Be Indexed in All Records in Which The Document Must Be Indexed 0.25
Certified Papers (sec. 118.014): For The Clerk's Certificate 5.00
  Plus a Fee for Each Page Or Part of a Page 1.00
Noncertified Papers (sec. 118.0145): For Each Page or Part of a Page 1.00

The county clerk may set and collect the following fee from any person:

Returned Check (sec. 118.0215) $30

Harris County Records Management and Preservation Fee (sec. 118.0216) $5.00  

Harris County Records Archive Fee (sec. 118.25) $5.00

The clerk shall charge reasonable fees for performing other duties prescribed or authorized by statute for which a fee is not prescribed by this subchapter.

Court House Security Fee $1.00


The fee for filing UCCs in the real property records has been changed to the recording fees
under Local Government Code 118.011(a)(2) and (b)(2), effective July 1, 2001.