eGovernment from the Harris County Clerk

Electronic Recording of Official Public Records
Harris County began eRecording in 2003 and e-Filing in 2007. Today, we're eRecording approximately 60% of the County's Property records and almost all of the County’s Civil and Probate Court records that are filed by attorneys are filed electronically. Pro Se litigants are currently given the option of filing electronically or in person.

Why eFile and eRecord?
The answer is simple - Efficiency. eFiling and eRecording ensures recording without waiting in lines, ensures your record is made available online quicker and alleviates last minute rushes to the County Clerk's office. It is more efficient for the county and more efficient for submitters. Once a document is in electronic form and recorded in the Clerk's office, it’s an official Public Record of Harris County.

eFile Court Records

As of January 1, 2014, attorneys filing civil and probate documents with the Harris County Clerk's office is mandated by the Texas Supreme Court to file electronically.

New Electronic Filing of Court Cases
You must select an electronic filing service provider (EFSP) who will submit your documents on your behalf through the State of Texas’ authorized electronic portal, which is known as

To view a list of electronic filing service providers (EFSP) that is working with visit

For Frequently Asked Questions visit the following sites:
Information for Filers:

Statewide eFiling Rules Update
The Rules of Civil and Appellate Procedure have been updated and will be effective as of January 1, 2014. Review the updates »

New eFiling Funding Mechanism
On September 1, House Bill 2302 became law, shifting e-filing in Texas from a “toll road” model where filers pay per transaction to a flat, one-time filing fee per case.

Frequently Asked Questions from the Houston Bar Association

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5)   Do you need special software to e-file?
6)   Does e-filing apply to pro-se parties?
7)   When will we be able to view pleadings in cases online?
8)   How do you handle a Certificate of Service on a pleading?
        Do you e-mail the document to all parties?
9)   How can you verify that an attorney received the pleading if it is e-filed?
10) How do you verify that the clerk got your e-filed pleading?
11) How do you handle emergency filings such as TROs or temporary guardianships?
12) When can we start e-filing documents with the County Clerk?
13) How do you request & obtain citation on an original petition?
14) How will a process server file the return of citation?
15) What do you do with the original document since you are not filing it?
16) What is the percentage of documents that are rejected from e-filing?
17) What are the main causes for rejection for e-filing?
18) Are there filing deadlines, ie, if a document is filed before midnight is it considered filed that day?